As Those Above Fall Blog Art

Behold the cover of As Those Above Fall, the searing horror novel debut by Catlyn Ladd! Zorah has always been special. The immense power that flows in her veins, the power she calls witchcraft, can seduce or destroy anyone. But when she loses Alex, the love of her life, she feels powerless to bring him back. Burdened by overwhelming grief, Zorah pursuit of her own death wish brings her to Zeke, a vampire with his own seductive power. When Zorah realizes the key to unlocking the doors of the dead may lie in Zeke’s veins, her desire for death transforms into lust for power. But her journey to bring Alex back will threaten her sanity, Zeke’s immortal life, and the fate of the world itself.

As Those Above Fall debuts on September 13 th .
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