Introducing the cover from the newest YA thriller by Charleigh Frederick, Rule 25: Don’t Fall for the Target.

When Autumn Alderidge was a child, she wasn’t yelled at for stealing cookies, she was yelled at for getting caught stealing cookies. Rule number one is “Don’t get caught.” There are 24 rules in total— the family manifesto controlling her life. She knew them before she knew how to spell her own name.

In Rule 25: Don’t Fall for the Target, 17-year-old Autumn gets her first solo mission. She never thought she would need to add another rule to her family manifesto. After meeting Kato, she’s not so sure.

Born into the head of one of the world’s four largest crime families that deal with everything from theft to assassination, Autumn’s future seemed predetermined. At age eight, she knew she was to marry a boy from the head of another large crime family, Dimitri Daxterov.

But the 24 rules that have run her life since birth have begun to feel confining instead of guiding. And when she meets Kato, the boy she’s supposed to target for her first solo mission, will the rule book save her life or give her a new one?

Rule 25: Don’t Fall for the Target is on-sale June 27 th and available for pre-order now!