We are proud to reveal the cover for Temperatures, the southern noir novel that marks Suzanne Crain Miller’s debut with Winding Road Stories.

In this emotionally-charged novel, police officers Mitchum Cobb and Cyrus Hogue partner up to battle what the volatile south dishes out in the wake of 2020. A summer under the tutelage of an older and more measured man like Cobb is supposed to do Hogue some good. After investigating the death of a toddler left in a hot car, Cobb sees an honest accident. With an axe to grind no matter the situation, Hogue becomes obsessed with proving the forgetful mother guilty of murder. As the naive Hogue digs deeper, he unearths a seminal villain from Cobb’s past, raising the stakes higher than the brutal Southern temperatures. Will the end of the summer see both men survive?

“Miller’s grit-laced TEMPERATURES is a stark reminder that in the south the past is never truly past when it comes to racism and retribution. Drenched in harsh small-town classism and racial divides, Miller’s lush lyricism and deep-fried colloquialism paints an intriguing and heartbreaking rural mystery with twists until the last page.”
—Heather Levy, author of the Anthony nominated WALKING THROUGH NEEDLES

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